"Let's Begin Being Human"
Master Ashraf Khan
Project by MAK

Master Ashraf Khan had comforted many families and gave a new life for those whose avenues were at cross roads or even totally closed. Many attribute his spiritual powers were on account of his great devotion and dedication towards his mother who was widowed when he was seven. Some feel it is on account of his self imposed discipline, honesty and deep sense of faith in the Almighty. He is considered by many as Wali ( a holy man , a friend of God , protector , guardian ) . After he passed away the trend of comforting families and individual is still going on and will keep going through his Dargah at Ahmedabad and NGO Master Ashraf Khan Foundation for All Community, Religion and Region .

Ongoing Project (For All Community, Religion and Region)


“A Step Towards Vibrant INDIA”
Forums & Discussions on Local and National issues of division of Communities and Region.
Remove Division of Community and Region We Are All One We Are Indians…

“Lets Talk About Friendship & UNITEA”
Time to unite and join hands to work towards the progress of our Nation INDIA.
Lets Prove…

“East Or West INDIA is The Best”
It’s a duty of Parents & Adults to give a healthy future for Children and young generation of their Family & Country.
What are we Leaving behind for Our Children?
“Let’s Leave a better Future here and hereafter For The Children of INDIA & This World”

Together we can make it happen.

We believe that local people have the power to find their own solutions to conflict – and to build their own better futures.
In conflict areas worldwide local people are building peace. Stopping violence, saving lives, healing shattered communities
Local people have the power to find their own solutions to conflict – and to build their own better futures. Together we can make this happen.

Our Special Care Projects (For All Community, Religion and Region)

Women Empowerment

(Education, Shelter, Food, Marriage& Widow care Center)

Children Empowerment

(Education, Shelter, Food & Orphan house)

Old Age Homes

(Shelter & Food)

Unemployed Men & Women

(Setting up small scale business, Recruitment & Creating Jobs)

Riot Victims

(Shelter, Food & Employment)
Indian Children

Indian Children

Our Future Projects (For All Community, Religion and Region)

Master Ashraf Khan High School
Master Ashraf Khan University
Master Ashraf Khan Hospital
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